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The TV biography Rita Hayworth: the Love Goddess chronicles the actress’s career from her beginnings as a teenage dancer to her emergence as a Hollywood superstar.

Hayworth, who now lives in New York and is a victim of Alzheimer’s disease, a crippling brain disorder, wasn’t involved with the project.

Unknown to the town but discovered by three police chiefs over the years are unsolved murders which may be linked to Holmes. The duo she and Bruce portray are more rumpled than the sophisticated Harts, and besides, reports Jackson, “The spirit is different.” Oh.

Blair Brown, who plays Jackie, studied photographs of the Kennedys.

Tube Jiggle” shows may have been bounced from TV, but that doesn’t mean sex won’t sell.

CBS, for instance, is banking on the appeal of Lynda Carter playing ’40s sex symbol Rita Hayworth, although the casting of Wonder Woman has brought on hoots of derision from some critics.

Charlton Heston says that “the challenge of the long form, the role and the people involved” brought him to Chiefs, a six-hour miniseries for CBS based on a best-selling novel by Stuart Woods.

Heston is cast as Hugh Holmes, leading citizen of a Georgia town. King, this CBS comedy-action series is reminiscent of Hart to Hart.

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